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Cannabis Bond

Marijuana Bond / $5,000. Cannabis Bond California

Department of Cannabis Control


January 2018 All Licenses must carry a $5,000.00 Cannabis Surety Bond, payable to the state of California in the amount of $5,000.

Distributors must carry and maintain commercial general liability insurance in the aggregate in an amount no less than $2 million and in an amount no less than $1 million for each loss.

The applicant must hold a $5,000 Cannabis Bond or Cannabis Surety bond payable to the State of California. The surety bond is for the destruction of cannabis and related goods if in violation of the licensing requirements

When completing an application, the applicant must select the appropriate license type and designation for the cannabis activity they will be conducting:

License Application Type:

Adult-Use (A-License)

Medicinal (M-License)

Retailer Non-Storefront (Delivery): Sells delivers cannabis or cannabis products to consumers.

Retailer non-storefront must have a licensed premises but is not open to the public, and conducts sales exclusively by delivery.

Retailer (Storefront Sales): Sells and delivers cannabis and cannabis products to consumers.

A retailer must have a licensed premises which may be open to the public to sell cannabis and cannabis products to customers.

Department of Cannabis Control


Department of Consumer Affairs – Department of Cannabis Control
P.O. Box 138200
Sacramento, CA 95813-8200
(833) 768-5880


These pages are for informational purposes only, you should always consult with legal counsel, State, County and City Departments for their specific licensing requirements.

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